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|| he is at war with my boob. he keeps kneading and headbutting it hahaha

|| he is at war with my boob. he keeps kneading and headbutting it hahaha

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Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces

the first one is the best
its professionally done the photographer must have been laughing so hard

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Sometimes I don’t want to rp.

Sometimes I only want to rp selectively because a certain thread intrigues me at a time.

It’s not me being a bitch.

It’s me being the average human that has interests and moods.

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07/14 - 07/23

Konstantin © Catahecassa © Tiffany © Séraphine
Stanley © Andrei
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NSFW Prompts

"Whipped cream or chocolate sauce?"
"Come sit on my lap."
"I can't stop thinking about your hands on me."
"My thighs can be your earmuffs."
"God, you look good."
"Come here, baby."
"Come here, daddy."
"Give me a kiss."
"Your mouth looks great all pink and swollen."
"I could really use a fuck right now."
"We can take a quick shower."
"I could give you a massage, if you want."
"You're so cute I could just eat you up."
"Would you prefer lingerie or a collar?"
"Hey, I'm open minded."
"Are you sure that's safe?"
"Silk or lace?"
"I want to be sore."
"I don't have a gag reflex."
"What flavour condom do you like?"
"We have time to kill; you know what that means."
"Beg for it."
"You look super hot from down here."
"You look super hot from up here."
"Someone's happy to see me."
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Your muse sees my muse at a party with the “single” glow stick around their neck, wrist, ankle, in their hand ect.. What does your muse do?




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Send in sexy pictures of your Muse to my submit box, and see how my muse reacts..



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